Air mysz klawiatura pilot TV dwustronna (TV)

Air mysz klawiatura pilot TV dwustronna (TV)
Air mysz klawiatura pilot TV dwustronna (TV) Air mysz klawiatura pilot TV dwustronna (TV) Air mysz klawiatura pilot TV dwustronna (TV) Air mysz klawiatura pilot TV dwustronna (TV)
Kod produktu: 459218
Dostępność: Dostępny
117.00 PLN


Air mysz klawiatura pilot TV dwustronna

Wykonanie dwustronne, klawiatura/pozostałe funkcje. Wygodne klawisze, używana strona definiuje podświetlenie (energooszczędna) Można wyuczyć trybu pilota TV (protokół NEC).

Marka BLCR
Kolor Czarny
Materiał z tworzywa sztucznego + silikon
Ilość 1 szt
Interfejs USB 2.0
Bezprzewodowej lub przewodowej 2.4G Wireless
Bluetooth w wersji Nie
Kompatybilne marki APPLE, IBM, Asus, Thinkpad, Huawei, Google, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, MSI, Sony
6 (3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor)
Metoda śledzenia Żyroskop
Podświetlany Tak
Operacja Odległość 10m
Powered By bateria AAA
Bateria w zestawie czy nie Nie
Czas ładowania N / A godzin
Wodoodporny Nie
Inne funkcje
Obsługuje system Google / Android OS, Mac OS, Linux, Windows
Wymiary i waga
Wymiary 6.77 x 2.05 w in x 0,75 cala (17,2 cm x 5,2 cm x 1,9 cm)
Waga 3,46 uncji (98 g)
Lista rzeczy do spakowania
1 x Air mouse
1 x odbiornik USB
1 x Instrukcja obsługi angielski

1. LED Backlight Double-faced design, easy to type in dark and input the correct information accurately. So energy- saving, when flip to the other side, the backlight of one side will turn off automatically and vice versa. Never need change the batteries frequently.
2. Smart and Portable. You can use it at home, enjoying PC multi-media entertainment or take it to the office, suitable for conference, presentation & lecturing.
3. Wide Control. With 2.4GHz RF wireless technology, the transmission distance is up to 32 feet. You can control the devices at random within 32 feet.
4. Sensitive keyboards. The Qwerty keys are soft and sensitive, easy to press, control , and jump to the interface what you want. With 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor, convenient to control in horizontal and vertical mode for motion games and typing.
5. Powerful IR Learning, enables you learn from your TV remote and control your TV with one remote easily through four colored keys. Please send email to contact us if you have any problems.

Product Description
3 in 1 Super Combo
Works as a wireless keyboard, easy to type and search
Works as precise as a standard mouse on the screen of your devices
Works as an universal remote, can program some important functions from your TV remote

Updated LED Backlight design, easy to type in dark
No more hopping from letter to letter on the keyboard. Just type what you want and hit enter, you can find quickly even in the dark 

Easy to pair and use 
1. Plug 2 AAA batteries into the slot 
2. Plug USB dongle into the USB port of your device, wait for 20-60 seconds until the USB driver to be installed. A mouse cursor will move on the screen, means the pairing is successful. 
3. If the pairing fails, press the OK and TV button at the same time until cursor move again, your devices will be connected. 

How to program IR Learning 
This remote has four colored IR learning keys can be programmed. Take learning Power On of TV remote for an example.
1. Ensure your TV remote supports NEC protocol for learning, batteries installed correctly and LED flash red 
2. Set the MX3 remote and TV remote facing each other with top ends, keep the distance between them within 0.1 feet. 
3. Press the TV button on the MX3 remote for 4-5 seconds until LED flashes fast. 
4. Then press the Power button on the TV remote to learn 4-5 seconds until the LED on the MX3 remote starts to flash fast, press one of the four IR keys, the LED will keep red and not flash. 
5. Then press the TV buttons on the MX3 remote to exit learning mode. - Elektronika dla każdego 2018